Different types of Monolids

So we all know that it is quite difficult to apply eye makeup on monolids, even professional makeup artists get baffled as to where to put the colors or how to accentuate the eyes. The main reason (I think) why makeup artists have difficulties figuring out how to apply eye makeup onto these eyes, this that,they haven’t really realized that there is more than one type of monolid. If you realized this then you will understand that each type may required different approach as to eye makeup application. Continue reading


Knowing your Makeup Brushes

I have been on the quest for answers as to which natural hair is best used for make up brushes. and I found this article, I think it would be nice for us all to learn more info regarding our brushes.I’ve copied and pasted the article below. or you may visit this site: http://www.urbanapothecary.com/Tools/t_professionalmakeupbrushes2.htm(I just added images for reference.)

Makeup brushes for re-creating yourself come in many shapes and sizes. Most makeup Continue reading


Here are some makeovers I created for my friends. And if I may say so myself these gorgeous ladies look even better after I made them up (self praise!) As you can see the before and after photos are take with them smiling on both images so that you skeptics out there won’t say ” the only difference from the before and after photo is that they smiled on the after photo and frowned on the before photo” lol!

First makeover is my friend Shelly, Shelly have

asymmetrical eyes her right eye have double eyelid while her left is more of a monolid with a hint of crease that is barely visible, she also have some breakouts around her cheeks and chin, and the color of her face is red compared to her neck. What I did: I evened out her skin tone and covered up her problem areas (refer to my flawless skin entry). since her eyes are not puffy I decided created a fake crease to even out her eyes. I took this photo with her fiancee’s (now hubby) DSLR during their pre-nuptial shoot

Purple Smokey Eyes

Tired of the traditional smokey eyes? Why not try adding a little color to spruce it up! I made this post as a contest entry, and I’m proud to say this entry won the competition. The prize was suppose to be a set of Badger brushes but didn’t receive it (wonder what happened?), Anyway at least I had fun creating this look and making a tutorial for this. The smokey eyes look gives the eyes emphasis but with the blend of purple it makes the eyes appear dreamy, perfect for a night of seduction *wink wink* :cP.

Shimmery Peacock Eyes

What do you do when you have over 88 colors of eye shadows to play with? you mix and match to create beautiful results :). This is what i came up with one lazy afternoon, i call this the Shimmery Peacock Eyes. This look is bold and colorful,  though not quite the usual choice for makeup, this look is more fitting for runways or fashion shoots. to replicate this look I’ve included a step by step photo tutorial.