Eyes Green with Envy

I woke up extra early today not really knowing what to do so early in the morning (5:00am my usual time is 6:30am) so I decided to prettify myself with some make-up. I’m feeling girly today, something off the usual routine so I decided to give the day an extra umph! while I’m at it.

I went through my closet and pick up a green tank top and black skinny jeans, and decided to go with the green theme.

so this is what I came up with, it’s vibrant but subtle in some way so it’s perfect for the day.

Left: photo taken from my sony ericsson k530i camera phone under natural morning light.

These are what i used:

– Smashbox Anti-shine
– EDM Multitasking concealer
– Loreal Mineral Foundation

– EDM Apple blush (dilluted with EDM foundation)

– CS 88 Palette
– Fanny Serrano gel liner
– Fashion21 pearl shadow stick
– In2it Eyebrow shadow
– Aido eye putti ( lash glue / double lid glue)
– The Face Shop XLH Falsies (i call it the 3/4 lash)

– Loreal Glam Shine 6H in 51

Below is an illustrated tutorial of how I achieved this look.

1.) Highlight brow bone with an off white or cream colored shadow
2.) Dust a light slightly shimmery green shadow all over the eyelids
3.)Apply the Fashion21 pearl white eye shadow over the crease area
4.) Layer on a darker shade of green on the outer 3/4 part of the lid on the crease area to deepen crease
 (this applies to demi eyelid, double eyelid or sunken mono eyelid.)
5.) Then add the depest darkest shade of green on the 1/4 outer area of the eye lid
6.) To add more depth to your eyes add a dark brown or black shadow
7.) Then line eyes with the black gel liner before adding the false lashes to complete the look.
Note: Disregard the yellow shadow, I decided not to use it and just stick to green gradiation theme.

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