Purple Smokey Eyes

Tired of the traditional smokey eyes? Why not try adding a little color to spruce it up! I made this post as a contest entry, and I’m proud to say this entry won the competition. The prize was suppose to be a set of Badger brushes but didn’t receive it (wonder what happened?), Anyway at least I had fun creating this look and making a tutorial for this. The smokey eyes look gives the eyes emphasis but with the blend of purple it makes the eyes appear dreamy, perfect for a night of seduction *wink wink* :cP.

Apply a dusting of the first color all over eye lids do not apply heavily unless you want to look like a fairy panda; apply heavily or packed on the second color all over lids not going beyond the crease
Add depth into the eyes by adding a v shape black shadow on the outer 1/3 of the eyelids making sure to blend out all harsh lines.
Line inner half of the bottom lid with the purple color and the outer half with black and blend outward from purple to black as not to drag too much black into the lid; Highlight brow bone and under eye area to make your eyes pop even more.

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