Here are some makeovers I created for my friends. And if I may say so myself these gorgeous ladies look even better after I made them up (self praise!) As you can see the before and after photos are take with them smiling on both images so that you skeptics out there won’t say ” the only difference from the before and after photo is that they smiled on the after photo and frowned on the before photo” lol!

First makeover is my friend Shelly, Shelly have

asymmetrical eyes her right eye have double eyelid while her left is more of a monolid with a hint of crease that is barely visible, she also have some breakouts around her cheeks and chin, and the color of her face is red compared to her neck. What I did: I evened out her skin tone and covered up her problem areas (refer to my flawless skin entry). since her eyes are not puffy I decided created a fake crease to even out her eyes. I took this photo with her fiancee’s (now hubby) DSLR during their pre-nuptial shoot

Second makeover is for my best friend Aileen She have double lids which is good cuz it makes it very
easy for me hehehe her skin is oily and she have several breakouts.
What I did: I covered up all the imperfections on her skin and groomed her brows giving them shape but still following her natural brow shape and added a tail to her brows since her natural eyebrows seemed to disappear half way I added false lashes and colored contact lenses onto her eyes since our click is having a photo shoot so I wanted her to have some extra umph! Photo taken at a studio.

Third makeover is for Liza a very good friend who loves getting makeovers as much I love giving makeovers *smiles*. Liza have very good skin  however her skin tends to be very dry and flaky. She have Hooded double eyelids and the space between here eyes is a bit flat; this sometimes tend to make her eyes look a bit far apart.
What I did: first i asked her to exfoliate her skin by washing her face with a facial scrub then after that I applied a moisturizing primer before I start, I added a light foundation with a bit of a shimmer on her face with a patting motion as I don’t want to cause anymore micro exfoliation to her dry skin with a sweeping or buffing motion. I fill in her brows and contoured her nose specially the space between her eyes to give her dimension so her eyes won’t look to far apart. Photo taken with Shelly’s Hubby’s DSLR.

I hope these makeover photos gave you guys a few ideas and tips for makeup application my way *grin*


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