First ever Photoshoot

So last June 26 I had my first pro photo-shoot and it was AWESOME! Though I have to work fast since I was to work on 3 models for their hair and makeup with no assistant, even so I was just ecstatic. We started at around 2:30pm and wrapped up at a little close to 8pm I think.

I discovered my maximum average for one person is around 45min to an hour for hair and makeup, not bad I think. Anyway here are some of the shots by the pro Adrian Franklin Yu and some from my trusty Sonyย  HXV5 (I’m just a trigger happy photo enthusiast hehehe).

Photographer: Adrian Franklin Yu
Hair and Makeup: JeannieO
(you may click on the photos for a bigger view)

Model: June Loren Dy
For this first photo I made her makeup bold and colorful to counter the her plain white dress, so that the attention will be towards her face. I gave her tresses a very loose wave.

Model: Sharleen Gale Uy
For Sharleen I just gave her an evening smoked out eyes with hints of green and gold to compliment her Gem colored dress and a wind blown edgy hair style to match ๐Ÿ™‚

Model: Jaclyn Limtin
For Jaclyn since she’s a cowgirl i just gave her the no makeup look to compliment her character. I went with peaches for her color scheme, and curled up locks for that fresh southern damsel look.

Here are photos taken with my camera. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a close up of Sharleen’s makeup (awww…..)


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