Silk Cocoon Scrub

I was at a local mall one day looking for makeup brushes when I came across these curious little hallowed oval balls. At first I thought they were a pack of cotton, but I was probing about the hollowed center, I took a closer look before I recognize that it’s a pack of empty cocoons! Silk cocoons! I wasn’t really sure what these are for however my curiosity, is pushing me to purchase it so I did. The pack came with 10 pcs of silk cocoons and it cost around Php60 (a little over a dollar).
The instructions is written in Chinese, and with me knowing just a tad of it, I didn’t quite understand what is written. Good thing they have some illustrations to help me somehow put two and two together.
I immediately used the cocoon that night. So this is my experience…
  • Texture feels like you’re scrubbing your face with a piece of wash cloth only smaller (nothing special I thought to myself)
  • It has a non offensive light smell (smells like Chinese herbal medicine to me)
  • I experience redness on my face though this is due to the scrubbing motion (quite normal.)
  • It did take away the blackheads and whiteheads around my nose
  • Skin is noticeably softer and smoother, can I just say silkier hehehe
Silk cocoon in all it’s glory
Still my curiosity wouldn’t die, so I looked it up and this is what I found out. Silk proteins from the cocoon naturally have sericin which is composed of 16-18 amino acids that are easily absorb through the human skin, the benefits of these amino acids are:
  • Antioxidant content helps skin regeneration and helps reduce the amount of free radicals that causes skin problems.
  • Antibacterial properties helps prevent skin from breakouts and also speeds up the healing process of the skin.
  • Promotes excellent moisture retention properties of the skin thus makes skin less prone to wrinkling making it look supple and younger.
  • Sericin’s crystalline structure protect skin from harmful UV light.
Dry cocoon hollow side
Sweet! Not a bad deal for 60 bucks right? And I was getting all these benefits just because I was curious, Ha! Who said curiosity kills the cat?
As to how to use it (this is my way of using it)
  1. Soak the cocoon in warm water around 40 degree Celsius for 3 mins this softens the cocoon a bit and activates the silk protein called sericin.
  2. Wash your face as you usually do with warm water to soften skin and open up the pores
  3. After washing, insert your finger into the cocoon, hold it in place with another finger and gently scrub your face in a circular motion for 3-5 mins.
  4. After scrubbing rinse your face with cool water to close up pore and pat dry with towel.
Used wet cocoon, I inserted it onto my middle finger and held it in place with my ring and pointing finger as I scrub
After using the cocoon you can rinse it with warm water then let it air dry for your next use, each cocoon can be used 3-5 times however I prefer to just use it 1-2 times as the amount of amino acids gets lesser each use. It’s been a week now since I started using the scrub, so far I liked it, I do feel my skin is much less bumpier which makes me happy, and as for the other benefits well I’ll have to see in a couple more months.

4 thoughts on “Silk Cocoon Scrub

  1. jeannie!!! 🙂 I hope you are well darl, this is one of the most interesting products. My dad used to have silk worms as pets haha! yes, you'll definitely need to post an update on this product in a couple of months, i'm very very curious!

  2. Lily!!!((HUGS)) Glad to see you here, oh I'm doing fine dearie, how are you? Isn't it?! Surely I'll be doing an update on these. Oh! by the way if you have a facebook account you can add me up.

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