Pure Beauty Cleansing Oil vs Shu Uemura Skin Purifier

Hello ladies! So this is a Throw down between the much raved about Shu Uemura Premium A/I Skin Purifier cleansing oil and a relatively new product called Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil.

Basically these two are oil makeup removers that emulsifies into a milk like lotion when added with a few drops of water.

I only bought the Shu Uemura trial size since it’s the only size I found

Just a little background, the idea of these emulsifying oil cleansers is that, it removes makeup effectively, because oil bonds easily with dirt and grease from our face, thus breaking down the makeup including waterproof mascaras and gently lifting it off our skin without stripping away our skins natural moisture, which in turn prevents our skin from creating too much sebum making our face oily and acne prone. But unlike other oil cleansers that remains water resistant, these two products can emulsify with water to form a creamy milk thus resulting to a lighter less greasy feel, these cleansers are also suitable to use around the eyes thus you don’t need to get a different lip and eye makeup remover saving you some more cash to buy more makeup ;cP .

Moving to the test…

Emulsion test, which of these 2 products emulsify better

Shu Uemura on this side <— and —> Pure Beauty on this side
Adding one drop of water into each puddle of oil cleanser
Shu Uemura on this side <— and —> Pure Beauty on this side

Notice that the Shu Uemura oil is less opaque that Pure Beauty, let’s try to emulsify the solution by rubbing it with a finger tip.

Shu Uemura
Pure Beauty

Shu Uemura shows oil bubbles and a ring of oil residue after emulsifying while Pure Beauty is completely emulsified without a ring of oil residue…interesting….It seems like Pure Beauty cleansing oil emulsifies better than Shu.

Makeup removal test:

I used waterproof mascara for this test let’s see which product removes makeup best.

Shu Uemura on this side <— and —> Pure Beauty on this side
Shu Uemura has a thicker consistency while Pure Beauty is a bit more runny than Shu.
rubbed the oil on each side with the same amount of pressure at 10 counts each side
I’ve added one drop of water to emulsify but I think it’s a bit to little cuz it didn’t emulsify much hahaha
after emulsifying i ran my hand under cool running water
I was surprised to see the results, Shu Uemura totally lost over Pure Beauty! As you can see the Pure Beauty side has totally washed off  with very minimal residue by just letting the water run over it!
I gave the Shu side a good rubbing but it didn’t do any good, it just smeared the greasy mess all around though it did get a bit cleaner than the previous photo

These are my observations from the test I conducted. Pure Beauty emulsifies better and thus turning the oil into a non greasy feeling milk that washes off with just running water and doesn’t leave a film of oil, It feels clean after washing and I can see myself using this on my face and just rinsing it off with water, towel dry and I’m good to go. However with the Shu Uemura I needed a lot of water and a lot more rubbing to rise it out (which is bad because to much tugging creates wirnkles) it leaves an oily feeling  behind with traces of dirt, I would probably follow-up with a facial cleansing foam to get my face really clean but then it defeats the purpose of an emulsifying cleansing oil.

After this test I was glad I only bought the trial size of the Shu Uemura cleansing oil other wise I would have been frustrated with the full bottle. And oh by the way FYI the Shu Uemura cleansing oil costs me Php75 ($1.75) for that little bottle while the Pure Beauty one cost only Php289 ($6.70) for 190ml! I think I’ll just stick to the Pure Beauty Cleansing Oil not only is it more effective I also get more bang for my buck!


6 thoughts on “Pure Beauty Cleansing Oil vs Shu Uemura Skin Purifier

  1. eeep that's on pricey cleansing oil! I got a few satchels of bobbi brown cleansing oil, haven't got around to it in fact i've never tried cleansing oil… I'm curious now 🙂

  2. Indeed it is very expensive. The Shu Uemura USA website is selling the 150ml bottle at $34 that's close to Php 1,500 here! I could use that amount to buy 5 bottles of Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil lol.You should try it Lily, I found myself preferring the Emulsifying Cleansing Oil over my Etude Lip and Eye makeup remover(this product effectively removes makeup too but I feel it's a bit harsh on my skin.)mainly because it doesn't sting, it doesn't feel greasy once emulsified, it's effective is removing makeup, it leaves the skin soft and moisturized, and it's cheap.

  3. Thanks sis. Cool! tell me what you think about it :). I'm so sold on this <3<3<3. i just forgot to mention, this bottle has no fragrance added thus it smells like oil. i personally don't mind but some might prefer to have their cleaner scented.

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