Halloween Makeup Mayhem

One of my favorite holiday is Halloween, simply because I can get crazy with all sorts of makeup looks, from whimsical to hard core blood and gore. Just last Oct 29 I got to play around with my friends for our annual Halloween party.  I did most of their makeups and a few special effects using tissue papers and glue. So enough of the blabbing here are the looks.
Mananangal Party Girl hahahaha


Vampire Socialite hehehe
Slashed up Beauties
Darth Maul
Creepy Asian Doll  (and me on the left)
Weeping Widow and the Stitch
Me half human half skull? with the Weeping widow
The broken prince (still chilling with a bottle of beer lol!)
looks painful huh?
pain in the making
I’ll throw in a couple more of the shot I got during the event 🙂
creeps of the night
I just love how this look so real lol
party! party!
angry bird makeup by my cousin Klaire
Guess who bumped into me while dancing? :c)
Another of my cousins creation.

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