The Zee Project

Last month I landed a project for Zee Magazine, Cebu’s most prestigious lifestyle magazine. When I first got a call from Zee I was ecstatic! Initially I was thinking they’s be hiring me for the Beauty or Fashion Makeup, However when they told me it’s for their men’s issue and it’s for a Drug Related Article I got even more excited. Apparently they saw the makeup I did for the Cebu Centennial Lion’s Club’s Halloween Party. Who would have thought what I did then would land me this project?

The Cover

Basically they wanted me to turn beautiful Nicole and Macho Edison into meth junkies and Continue reading


Makeup Workshop for Davao

Hey ladies, I’ll be having a makeup workshop this coming September 15-16 at DAVAO CITY yes I’ll be back in Davao! I will be holding a two(2) day hands-on makeup workshop so expect to get you hands dirty ;D .

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New Babies Sleek Pout Paints!

I recently got my hands on a couple of pout paints and I’m really enjoying playing with the colors. Here are the colors that I got. Pinkini (very bright pink), Peek a Blue (blue kinda more like cyan), Cloud 9 (white), Lava (bright orange) and Pin-up (more on the blue toned red).

Having a background on color mixing I choose these colors because these are the base colors to create other colors. And yes I know orange and pink is not part of the primary Continue reading