My thoughts of the Baviphat Island Girls BB Primer fix


Ok, quick review. Baviphat Island Girls BB Primer fix, I got 3 trial size of this from my cousin,  each trail size will last a good number of days since you only need like a pea size for the whole face. Usually primers comes in cream or silicon form that would turn invisible once spread unto the skin. This primer is none of that, This primer comes in a cream form with a pinkie pearlscent color. When applied onto skin it gives off a very strong shimmer, not something I would personally prefer for a primer simply because it does not register well on flash photography.



the primer on my hand, photo taken without flash.  See what I mean about having a strong shimmer


photo taken with flash, notice it registers as oily or sweaty on camera.

For this products I don’t think I will be using this as a primer, as it’s shimmer content is either too much or the particles are too big, I think this would be better used as a foundation enhancing illuminizer. By mixing a LITTLE bit of this into your foundation, you’re adding light reflecting particles to your foundation thus creating a nice dewy finish to your foundation, remember not to add too much or you’ll look like you’ve got a face full of grease.

Another note of caution for people who have bumpy skin texture or dry flaky skin, using this would tend to highlight those flaws making your skin’s uneven texture more prominent. On smoother skin texture this can work beautifully. I like to add a little bit on this on the high points of my face, it works wonderfully as a highlighter.

Would I repurchase yeah, but not to use it as a primer but rather as a highlighter. Peace out!


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