The Zee Project

Last month I landed a project for Zee Magazine, Cebu’s most prestigious lifestyle magazine. When I first got a call from Zee I was ecstatic! Initially I was thinking they’s be hiring me for the Beauty or Fashion Makeup, However when they told me it’s for their men’s issue and it’s for a Drug Related Article I got even more excited. Apparently they saw the makeup I did for the Cebu Centennial Lion’s Club’s Halloween Party. Who would have thought what I did then would land me this project?

The Cover

Basically they wanted me to turn beautiful Nicole and Macho Edison into meth junkies andso I did. The whole process was fun, especially when we’re taking the photo below this paragraph page 49 on the right page, Nicole and Edison are awesome! they both threw flour at each other over and over again to get the right shot with no complaints, If I remember right I think we’ve consumed half a kilo of flour to get this shot lol!

Left to right: Nicole, David, Me, Adrian, Edison

It’s a Warp! Grab your copy, It’s for this month (August 2012 Issue).


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