Photo Session with 4 distinct Beauties

I had a shoot with Celeste, Luz, Katrina and Aimee last Aug 5, these four has been friends since elementary and they’ve managed to keep that bond strong up to date. *Sign* they remind me of my own barkadas I left in Davao.

They each have their own distinctive style and personally. I feed on that to inspire me on their individual look which shows through the photos that we have taken.

Photo Taken by Sidney Dyguani

I was doing hair and makeup for the four of them by myself and was quite worried I might not be able to finish on time, due to some circumstances I only have barely 3 hours to spare. Good thing one of my  makeup workshop student Suzel was part of the 4 photographers that day, she was able to help me set some of the girl’s hair. while I scramble to finish the others. Suzel if you’re reading this thanks a lot for being my life saver. Long story short the shoot went on smoothly and here are some of the shots

First stop is Katrina, she strike me as a woman of elegance, her skin has a lovely tan, and her hair kinda reminds me of a bronze goddess so I decided to give her a posh look with a medley of gold bronze brown and black for the eyes, some contour around the cheek area and a toned down brick colored lips and this is the result.

Photo taken by Sidney Dyguani

Photo Taken By Sidney Dyguani

Next we have Celeste, Quite a bubbly person. Her look exudes confidence, What stands out most from her is her eyes, she have lovely light brown eyes and to die for luscious lashes. I then decided to give her a sultry smokey purple eyes and a bright pink lip, this is how it looks.

Photo Taken by Jon Lim

Photo Taken by Sidney Dyguani

Moving on to Luz, Luz has a look that gives you a feel of the girl next door, sweet and innocent. so I decided upgrade her to something that is still sweet but with a bit more umph so I opted for a light silvery smokey eye with a wash of teal to make the silver a little on the blue side.

Photo Taken by Sidney Dyguani

Photo Taken by Sidney Dyguani

And finally we come to Aimee, now Aimee is one who is more adventurous when it comes to creative fashion and this makes her a very interesting subject to shoot. With her whimsical character, I just decided get a little creative with her. I colored her hair partly white and gave her teal colored brows orange glitter crusted her eyes with a pop of purple on the lower lids, and a deep almost chocolate colored lip.

Photo taken by Suzel Famor

Photo Taken by Sidney Dyguani

So that’s it for this shoot until the next post 🙂 ciao!


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