Beauty Amplified the 2 day Makeup Workshop

Last September 15-16 I held another makeup workshop at Davao, it was a fun filled 2 day makeup workshop composed of an intimate group of 5 students.

On day one i walked them thru the fundamentals of makeup to build a good base for them to have a better understanding on makeup and it’s tools. I have to say it feels good teaching when everyone is attentive.

What’s good about our intimate group is that it allows me to answer and help each student with their concerns. I try to make the workshop as intensely hands on so that I can see how they work with their application a help correct what needs to be corrected. here are some of the photos of our first workshop day

On day two we tackled creative makeup as I introduce to them the avant garde makeup applications. I can see that the students enjoyed this course a lot because it helps unleash their creativity. In order to help them with their looks I have provided a few props and accessories for them to play around. We were supposed to have professional setup a photoshoot after the avant grade workshop.

However due to some unforseen circumstances the photographer wasn’t able to show up. I was sadden, but my students were awesome, we didn’t let it hinder us so I took out a regular point and shoot and shoot away, everyone were very game and became instant models! What was even more fun is that the student themselves brought their own wardrobe and accessories too!

The following photos below are the creation of the students themselves, as they apply what they have learned. All I can say is good job ladies! I’m so proud of you all.

Marg as the Snow Princess

The Emo Chick

There as The Gyaru Doll

Swamp Princess

Chamee as Boracay Sunrise

Modern Foilage

Suzette as Egyptian Peacock

Amozon Feline

Natalie as Psychedellic version 1

Natalie as Psychedellic version 2

At a later part of the day one of the student’s photographer friend dropped by and took a few quick shots before leaving for his errand. Here are his shots, too bad he wasn’t able to take Suzette’s photo. Thanks Fra for these photos :).

The whole workshop if i may say actually feels more like a party. And so we have concluded the 2 day workshop in high spirits! Watch out for my next Davao workshop probably near the end of October. Till then ciao!


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