No Pain, No Sting Makeup Remover

20130201_123221For the longest time I have been using makeup removers to clean my face of makeup, and often times I just dread the moment when I actually have to apply the makeup removers unto my face, because it stings like hell! It is because of this that lead me to an endless search for something that can remove my makeup without actually removing my face. I have tried a good number and types of makeup removers available in the local and international market, and found some that works but too pricey, some effective but too strong, some mild but doesn’t get the job done.

It wasn’t too long ago that I’ve found and fell in love with the Pure Beauty cleansing oil  (click here for review vs shu uemura)! However I recently noticed that somehow their formula has changed it just doesn’t perform as well as it did before.

That’s when I bumped upon Bioderma Crealine for Sensitive skin. Bioderma is a European drug store product that specializes on skin care products. Here’s the ingredient list:


Upon my first use i was blown way as to how well this product works! It’s main selling point for me was how fast it melts away the makeup on my face and how it feels just like water! Yes it feels like you’re just wiping water unto your face, it’s unscented (though not necessarily odorless it has a faint cucumber like smell) and it’s really gentle on the face, you won’t feel any stinging nor burning sensation, it’s non greasy, and the best part is it doesn’t cloud the vision if you use it around your waterline!

Here’s a photo of me with really dark smokey eyes ( didn’t include my whole face cause i didn’t do a full face makeup and i’m currently in that time of the month). The result was from one swipe. I ran out of cotton pads so i just used a deconstructed cotton ball.


for removing eye makeup, I find that it works best if you take a cotton pad, dampen it with a bit of the product, hold the cotton pad around your eye area for a few seconds giving it a li’l bit of massage then just wipe off the makeup. Usually the makeup gets off with one swipe, though waterproof makeups might need a little more. Nonetheless i find this to be a great investment and a convenient and important addition to my makeup kit.

I especially love using this in my professional makeup kit for my clients because it’s easy to use and mess free either for cleaning the models face before makeup, for in between makeup changes or for correcting makeup mistakes and touch ups it’s just awesome!.


The only down side of this is, it’s not readily available in the local markets, you’ll have to get online to buy this stuff. At around P1,350 to P1,500 for a bottle containing 500ml of product it’s very reasonable (vs Shu Uemura Cleansing oil at P4,000/ 450ml) however it’s quite a hefty price to shell out for those on a tight budget .


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