Behind the scenes “Colors of Romance”

It’s that month again where love fills the air and lovers flock to the best date scene or motel hihihi in the city. In lieu of the season I have corroborated with a couple photographer friends namely Adrian and Sidney to do a fun  shoot for another friend Christine.

Christine is an aspiring model, though she have some skin problems namely breakouts specially during “that time” of the month, is no big deal if you just know how to cover it up with makeup ;).

b4after christine

before photo taken by my sony HX5V camera, unfortunately i have to take the after photo with my samsung note II since my sony died on me after one shot *fail*

These photos are taken before and after foundation application, Cover up can be done by using color correctors and concealers however it’s harder to deal with raised pimples or pitted scars, as they would cast shadows when hit by light. However I do think i did a pretty good job here, I used the Makeup Forever color correctors, StudioBox concealer palette together and Graftobian foundation creams for her face (photos are unedited.)

So you’ve seen the base for my makeup I’ll now show you guys some of the photos taken by the professionals both edited and unedited version just for comparison. For this shoot I’m going for soft and romantic, thus here are some of the results of the shoot.


Unedited version of the photo


Edited version: skin smoothen and color enhanced.


Unedited Photo


Edited: skin smoothen, and color enhanced

If you wanna see moe of Chistine check out my facebook page click here

Oh by the way let me throw in a few behind the scene photos 😛


adrian goofing behind Christine while Sidney was taking a shot! lol!


Test shots to check the lightings


  • Adrian Franklin Yu
  • Sidney Dyguani
  • Christine Joy Go

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