Squeaky Clean Japonesque Brush Cleaner


For the longest time I have been on the hunt for the best brush cleaner that would allow me to quick clean and disinfect my brushes while on

the job.  As a professional makeup artist “Hygiene” is very important to me.
I have tried a fair number of brush cleaners that are out in the market and I’ve also made a few of my own. I’m quite happy with MAC and my home made cleaner but my only rant is that the brushes just doesn’t dry as fast as I want them to. Then I found the Japonesque Brush Cleaner. This is quite different from most cleaners I’ve used. Most cleaners gets foamy when i give the bottle a shake, and because it’s like detergent base it gets tacky and makes my brushes perform poorly over time.


With the Japonesque cleaner the feel of their solution is different it’s almost the same as the oil you get from orange peel when you squeeze the skin of an orange. Oh and the scent is that of an orange as well, though pleasant I personally find it a bit too strong.


I would usually put the soultion into a spritz bottle and just give the brushes around 2 to 3 sprays before swirling the brushes on a clean terry cloth to get rid of the makeup on the brushes. With other brands I would have to give it a few mins to dry before I could use the brushes.  With this one, it dries instantly almost in no time at all, and it effectively gets the job done! I was so delighted, because it’s something that would make my job so much easier. 


I clean this much brushes and used up this much product

The only thing that bums me out is that this product is ridiculously over priced!! Php 795 for 128ml! For the same price I could get double the amount of product from MAC. Shame on you Japonesque.


Though all hope is not gone know why?  The Japonesque Brush Cleaner IS created by Parian Spirit! And you can get a bottle of 500ml for only Php800! Sweet huh! Japonesque probably just bought the product from Parian then smack their brand name on it with some fancy packaging and whala! You get an overly priced cleaner.

So to wrap things up this is a very good product and I highly recommend everyone to try it out.  Though if asked would I buy it again no,  because I’m switching to Parian Spirit :). Quick tip you can also use this to clean makeup off your clothes, make up case,  makeup palettes (the palette only NOT the products), brush belts etc.

Last note heres the list of ingredients



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