Makeup Brush Hanger / Drier

This a very simple tip as to how to create a brush hanger to dry your brushes quickly while preserving the shape of your brushes and avoiding the ferrule from coming off your brushes due to water accumulation.

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Lip and cheek tints

Lip and cheek tints are awesome products however it may not be the easiest to use specially for noobs. Tints works by staining your lips and cheeks thus its color stays on longer than using ordinary lipsticks or Continue reading

Customized Makeup Palettes

A few days ago I went to the buy a few medicine boxes which I planned to use in organizing my makeups. I don’t like lunging along bulk, so I try to make things simple and as compact as possible. I got several stick foundations that has been occupying a lot of space so I decided to depot everything into these travel friendly space saving plastic cases.

You don’t really need expensive makeup palettes for your cream and stick products these do just fine, try looking for medicine boxes that doesn’t have “days of the week” labels, but if you don’t mind the labels then go for it. each box cost less than a dollar! (sewing boxes can be used too.)

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How to Draw Natural Looking Eyebrows (using eyebrow cake)

Different brow shapes makes ones facial structure look different. However it is always safe to stick to your natural brow shape. I prefer wearing my brow naturally, and to achieve that I use a brow cake instead of pencils. Pencils have a tendency to be too harsh looking unless you have a light hand or if you buff the hell out of it. I also find that using a dark chocolate brown, brow black or a taupe color works best than pure black. Unless you have blonde hair to match I also don’t like pure browns for eyebrows cause they tend to Continue reading