Squeaky Clean Japonesque Brush Cleaner


For the longest time I have been on the hunt for the best brush cleaner that would allow me to quick clean and disinfect my brushes while on

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No Pain, No Sting Makeup Remover

20130201_123221For the longest time I have been using makeup removers to clean my face of makeup, and often times I just dread the moment when I actually have to apply the makeup removers unto my face, because it stings like hell! It is because of this that lead me to an Continue reading

New Babies Sleek Pout Paints!

I recently got my hands on a couple of pout paints and I’m really enjoying playing with the colors. Here are the colors that I got. Pinkini (very bright pink), Peek a Blue (blue kinda more like cyan), Cloud 9 (white), Lava (bright orange) and Pin-up (more on the blue toned red).

Having a background on color mixing I choose these colors because these are the base colors to create other colors. And yes I know orange and pink is not part of the primary Continue reading

Pure Beauty Cleansing Oil vs Shu Uemura Skin Purifier

Hello ladies! So this is a Throw down between the much raved about Shu Uemura Premium A/I Skin Purifier cleansing oil and a relatively new product called Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil.

Basically these two are oil makeup removers that emulsifies into a milk like lotion when added with a few drops of water.

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