New Babies Sleek Pout Paints!

I recently got my hands on a couple of pout paints and I’m really enjoying playing with the colors. Here are the colors that I got. Pinkini (very bright pink), Peek a Blue (blue kinda more like cyan), Cloud 9 (white), Lava (bright orange) and Pin-up (more on the blue toned red).

Having a background on color mixing I choose these colors because these are the base colors to create other colors. And yes I know orange and pink is not part of the primary Continue reading


Different Type of Eyeliners

Generally there are 3 different variety of eyeliners and these are the Pencil Eyeliners, Liquid Eyeliners and the Gel or Cream Eyeliners. I will be talking about each of these liners, their characteristics and what they are best used for and hopefully thru this you maybe able to answer which product would be best for you. Continue reading

Don’t Waste Your Products!!

A lot of people are fans of bb creams, because they are simply great! They do a lot of good to your skin like anti wrinkle, anti blemish, collagen, moisturizing, brightening, and it  also help shield you from harmful UV rays while providing the right coverage to make you look as flawless as can be. These products usually comes in tube type packaging with a pump top. As convenient as it is, I just found out that these type of packaging is not very efficient in delivering products. Continue reading

Lip and cheek tints

Lip and cheek tints are awesome products however it may not be the easiest to use specially for noobs. Tints works by staining your lips and cheeks thus its color stays on longer than using ordinary lipsticks or Continue reading

Knowing your Makeup Brushes

I have been on the quest for answers as to which natural hair is best used for make up brushes. and I found this article, I think it would be nice for us all to learn more info regarding our brushes.I’ve copied and pasted the article below. or you may visit this site: just added images for reference.)

Makeup brushes for re-creating yourself come in many shapes and sizes. Most makeup Continue reading