January’s client pick

Her are two of my January clients aren’t they just beautiful? 

Emily Go gorgeous mommy that still looks like
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WAGW Young Ambassador Campaigne Behind the Scene

Here are some of the Behind the scene photos for the WAGW Young Ambassador Campaigne. Photos are taken from my camera phone and my Sony HXV5 point and shoot (I should get a better low light camera).

The whole shoot took a day and 2 locations, first is at the WAGW studio2, and the second is at Mandaue Foam.


Ccia struting her stuffs

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My very first bride

I’m trying to regain my blogging mojo, so I’ll be posting some significant events old and new alike thru out my new found career (makeup artistry) every now and then.


Contrary to what most people think, I’m not a veteran, but a newbie in the freelance makeup industry. Though my experience in doing makeup goes way back when I was just a little kid with my mom’s red lipstick on hand, it wasn’t until July of this year that I decided Continue reading

Working with Kryz Uy and Jackie Uy

A few months ago I worked with Kryz Uy a fellow blogger and famed stylist and her sister Jackie Uy famed photographer for their clothing store WAGW (What A Girl Wants). It was for their November “Athletic” Collection.

We did the shoot early so I kind of forgot about it until I went pass their boutique and saw the photos of my work. So yeah this post it late :P, well better late than never right? 🙂 .

Since it’s for an athletic collection, the makeup looks for these are barely there and the hair just a simple high ponytail. The second peg is an out of bed just woke up look. Here are some of the photos

Stylist: Kryz Uy | Photographer: Jackie Uy | Hair & Makeup: Me 🙂

first look or first model

first look for first model

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The Epitome of Aging Gracefully

Last weekend I got a call to work with a client who is celebrating the her golden year. In lieu of her Birthday she wanted to have a Glamour photo shoot to document and celebrate 50 years of her life. When i first saw her i was impressed because instead of the average 50 year old who’s a bit more padded and aged, she look as if she’s in her mid late 30’s to early 40’s

I was even more at awe when I finished doing her hair and makeup because she looks stunningly young and vibrant. I wasn’t able to take a before photo of her but here are some of the after photo.

The hair and makeup peg for her was, Clean & Natural Glowing look.

All these photos are taken from my point and shoot (Sony HXV5), I was standing at a distance behind Albert Perdosa the official photographer, thus requires me to zoom in on my little camera, that’s why the photos aren’t as crisp.

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