Behind the scenes “Colors of Romance”

It’s that month again where love fills the air and lovers flock to the best date scene or motel hihihi in the city. In lieu of the season I have corroborated with a couple photographer friends namely Adrian and Sidney to do a fun  shoot for another friend Christine.

Christine is an aspiring model, though she have some skin problems namely breakouts specially during “that time” of the month, is no big deal if you just know how to cover it up with makeup ;).

b4after christine

before photo taken by my sony HX5V camera, unfortunately i have to take the after photo with my samsung note II since my sony died on me after one shot *fail*

These photos are taken before and after foundation application, Cover up can be done Continue reading


Halloween Makeup Mayhem

One of my favorite holiday is Halloween, simply because I can get crazy with all sorts of makeup looks, from whimsical to hard core blood and gore. Just last Oct 29 I got to play around with my friends for our annual Halloween party.  I did most of their makeups and a few special effects using tissue papers and glue. So enough of the blabbing here are the looks.
Mananangal Party Girl hahahaha

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First ever Photoshoot

So last June 26 I had my first pro photo-shoot and it was AWESOME! Though I have to work fast since I was to work on 3 models for their hair and makeup with no assistant, even so I was just ecstatic. We started at around 2:30pm and wrapped up at a little close to 8pm I think.

I discovered my maximum average for one person is around 45min to an hour for hair and makeup, not bad I think. Anyway here are some of the shots by the pro Adrian Franklin Yu and some from my trusty Sony  HXV5 (I’m just a trigger happy photo enthusiast hehehe).

Photographer: Adrian Franklin Yu
Hair and Makeup: JeannieO
(you may click on the photos for a bigger view)

Model: June Loren Dy
For this first photo I made her makeup bold and colorful to counter the her plain white dress, so Continue reading


Here are some makeovers I created for my friends. And if I may say so myself these gorgeous ladies look even better after I made them up (self praise!) As you can see the before and after photos are take with them smiling on both images so that you skeptics out there won’t say ” the only difference from the before and after photo is that they smiled on the after photo and frowned on the before photo” lol!

First makeover is my friend Shelly, Shelly have

asymmetrical eyes her right eye have double eyelid while her left is more of a monolid with a hint of crease that is barely visible, she also have some breakouts around her cheeks and chin, and the color of her face is red compared to her neck. What I did: I evened out her skin tone and covered up her problem areas (refer to my flawless skin entry). since her eyes are not puffy I decided created a fake crease to even out her eyes. I took this photo with her fiancee’s (now hubby) DSLR during their pre-nuptial shoot