No Pain, No Sting Makeup Remover

20130201_123221For the longest time I have been using makeup removers to clean my face of makeup, and often times I just dread the moment when I actually have to apply the makeup removers unto my face, because it stings like hell! It is because of this that lead me to an Continue reading


Photo Session with 4 distinct Beauties

I had a shoot with Celeste, Luz, Katrina and Aimee last Aug 5, these four has been friends since elementary and they’ve managed to keep that bond strong up to date. *Sign* they remind me of my own barkadas I left in Davao.

They each have their own distinctive style and personally. I feed on that to inspire me on their individual look which shows through the photos that we have taken.

Photo Taken by Sidney Dyguani

I was doing hair and makeup for the four of them by myself and was quite worried I might Continue reading