Behind the scenes “Colors of Romance”

It’s that month again where love fills the air and lovers flock to the best date scene or motel hihihi in the city. In lieu of the season I have corroborated with a couple photographer friends namely Adrian and Sidney to do a fun  shoot for another friend Christine.

Christine is an aspiring model, though she have some skin problems namely breakouts specially during “that time” of the month, is no big deal if you just know how to cover it up with makeup ;).

b4after christine

before photo taken by my sony HX5V camera, unfortunately i have to take the after photo with my samsung note II since my sony died on me after one shot *fail*

These photos are taken before and after foundation application, Cover up can be done Continue reading


Flawless looking Skin

So it’s that time of the month and your face starts to look like a war zone, and there’s a huge event you just couldn’t afford not attending. What do you do, cut off your head? But then again if you do you might stain your precious Philip Rodriguez gown, and besides no one is gonna recognize you without your head hehehe.
Never fear because Captain Foundation is here to save the day!I’ve compiled a few picture tutorial to make it
easier for you to follow hope this helps. You may click on the images for a bigger view.