About Me

So I find it a bit too traditional to talk about myself on this page, thus I decided to just do an entry about “12 Random things about me” so here goes…
  1. I love to bake and cook specially for family and friends my current dessert specialty is Salted Toffee Rum Cake with Almonds I got quite a few raves on it *grin*.
  2. I like making arts and crafts and various kind of DIY thingy.
  3. I’m a photography enthusiast, but I have yet to get my own high end camera, though not quite a DSLR, I’m currently eyeing the Panasonic LX5.
  4. I easily cry watching sappy movies even cartoons (yes, yes, I’m a tear jerky what can i do I’m a softie and I tend to empathize much :P).
  5. I find it relaxing walking along the aisles of a hardware store looking at wretches, car fresheners, door knobs, wood and vinyl tiles aaahhh…zen!
  6. I just love makeups either high end or the cheap kind as long as it delivers and doesn’t irritate. I also love giving and receiving makeovers, but I’m not quite the girly girl type. Oh! did I mention I’m addicted to false lashes? I tend to hoard lashes but don’t really use them much.
  7. I once submitted a poem to an international poem writing contest just for the fun of submitting didn’t really expect that it would qualified for the semi finals out of several hundred thousand entries, I was ecstatic when I received their mail, I remembered jumping up and down and screaming in disbelief, till now i still kept the letter in my keep sake photo album.
  8. I enjoy organizing parties and events.
  9. I find cosplay interesting and would like to participate at least once, hmmm… I might go as Bell Dandy in Ah my Goddess, however I don’t think my figure would permit me to be an effective Goddess, I guess I’ll have to settle as the Panda in Ranma 1/2.
  10. I like the beach but don’t like the fact that almost always I attract jelly fish when I’m in the water, and my freckles tend to multiply like rabbits under the heat of the sun.
  11. I can tie a cherry stem using my tongue; sometimes if the stem is long enough I can make 2 knots hehehe.
  12. Halloween is my favorite holiday (next to Christmas) because I could play and experiment with makeup more. I also love how the dead can mingle among the living and be treated like a celebrity as people who aren’t dressed for the occassion ambush the ghouls for a photo op. 😛  hehehe!

And that’s that 12 totally random fact about yours truly…me!

Find me at:
Official Website: http://jeanmakeupart.weebly.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jeanmakeupart
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/jeanmakeupartpage
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hai_jeannie


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