Depotting Mac blushes into the new mac palette

As a makeup artist I’m fond of depotting makeups in to palettes or move travel friendly containers simply because it makes my professional makeup kit whole lot lighter, and it allows me to carry more products for my clients and at the same time keep me organized and clutter free thus makeing it easier for me to work .


I have recently acquired the new MAC large duo palette together with the MAC blush, eye shadow and foundation inserts.



As soon as I got my large duo palette I was a bit concerned because this palette without the inserts is a bit heavier than I expected, with the inserts it weighs even more. Thus it turns me off because it defeats the purposes of depotting. This palette should help lessen the weight and bulk of my kit not add to it. If only I could I would have gotten the old Mac palettes rather than these new ones, but then they have already been phased out. I could use this palette without the inserts but this palette does not have any magnets to hold the blush pans to prevent it from sliding around and falling off the palette itself ( by the way this palette is so deep you can stack 2pans of blushes together but thats not advisable) and in in order to make it work, you have to either put magnet sheets; double sided tapes or anything to keep your pan from falling.


It took me several days before I finally decide to just go ahead and depot everything. If it’s not going to help me lessen my bulk and weight at least it can help me organize my things . So as you can see here in the photos I have most of my blush depotted except for one which is the MAC extra dimension blush in “At Dusk”.




I’ve tried to the depot the extra dimension blush and somehome managed to crack the blush a bit before I realize that it doesn’t have a metal pan. Doh! Anyhow its okay cuz the spaces are filled anyway.


Notice I have a black ribbon underneath one of the blush pan. The reason for this is to make it easier for me to pop out the pan to allow me access to pull off the blush insert without dipping my fingers into the blush pans incase i need to refill my blushes.

Now that I’ve finish filling up the blush inserts… next stop eyeshadows. 


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