The Epitome of Aging Gracefully

Last weekend I got a call to work with a client who is celebrating the her golden year. In lieu of her Birthday she wanted to have a Glamour photo shoot to document and celebrate 50 years of her life. When i first saw her i was impressed because instead of the average 50 year old who’s a bit more padded and aged, she look as if she’s in her mid late 30’s to early 40’s

I was even more at awe when I finished doing her hair and makeup because she looks stunningly young and vibrant. I wasn’t able to take a before photo of her but here are some of the after photo.

The hair and makeup peg for her was, Clean & Natural Glowing look.

All these photos are taken from my point and shoot (Sony HXV5), I was standing at a distance behind Albert Perdosa the official photographer, thus requires me to zoom in on my little camera, that’s why the photos aren’t as crisp.

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